Professional Law Partnership LEXEM >

  • Ten years’ experience in Lithuania and abroad

    Over almost ten years, LEXEM, which has brought together the professionals of specific areas with a long-term and diverse experience in law, has grown into a successful professional law partnership that represents Lithuanian and foreign clients in Lithuania and abroad. Earnest and professional work as well as reliability of our professional partnership has built the trust of Clients and the recognition of colleagues.

    Working for you and your business

    Our assistance is sought by ordinary persons, start-ups and companies with many years of successful business, as well as by colleagues – lawyers of other areas and state enterprises. In order to respond to Client needs to the maximum, we cooperate and have partners all over Lithuania – colleagues notaries, as well as reliable counterparts in many foreign states. We have developed and implemented into our activities quite a number of innovative e-systems facilitating effective, prompt and economic services to our Clients.

    Personal attention of professional lawyers to the Client

    We believe that our success is also driven by the fact that we only undertake the work that we are certain we can do best. Our team has been formed so that, along with other specialists of the relevant field, at least one advocate–partner of LEXEM works personally with each Client. All and each member of the team make the most of their experience and competencies to work for the benefit of the Client. Our objective is to provide legal services and deliver the results desired by the Client so that, if necessary, the Client has no doubts about returning to us and recommending us to others. This objective and our daily growth is achieved through our professionalism, the application of innovative solution to daily legal services and personal attention to each Client.

  • Our Values

    Do only what you now know best.

    Give personal attention to each Client and strive for the result most favourable for the Client.

    Be more than an advocate for the Client – be a partner and deliver more than expected by the Client.

    Take an integrated and foresighted approach to the Client’s needs.

    These values are promoted by the professional law partnership LEXEM and followed by each team member in the partnership – from trainees to advocates and partners.