Attorney at law Laura Kamarauskienė participated in the conference-discussion “What is needed to ensure children’s rights?“

On 27 March 2017, Laura Kamarauskienė, attorney at law and partner of Professional Law Partnership SGKA Legal, participated in the conference-discussion “What is needed to ensure children’s rights?“ which was held in Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.
Conference-discussion aims to enable professionals working in the field of child protection to submit proposals on what must be done to ensure every child rights and security, especially living in vulnerable environment, in order to ensure not declarative, but real – efficient, smooth work of all competent authorities. Children rights and interests protection has to become a priority in the authorities, and decisions should be based on the principle of the child’s best interests.
“It is a good news that children’s rights institutions, as well as the police, prosecution and the courts are united on the need to achieve a common goal – to protect children’s best interests. We have to admit that the children’s interests may be damaged not only in criminal cases, when we talk about violence against children, but also in civil – family matters, where, unfortunately, children become hostages of fights between disagreeing parents. I am always trying to explain to my client and to the other side that children are not things you can just share in a divorce, and that the judgment of the court cannot be the only way to communicate with the children. First of all, the parents themselves must be aware and strive in good faith to agree on how both will communicate with the child in the future, not including them in legal (court) proceedings “- said attorney at law Laura Kamarauskienė.